When we still alive

I have asked myself a question that am I really happy now? The answer is No. I have everything that I wanted: a house with small ground around with plants, an invidual bedroom, an offfice for work with many books, a job with good salary and a real family with parents and also a brother. My own business is in a good trend now and I have no worry about money. I do fitness to keep my body in the way enough for me feeling better. Moreover, I have a piano, a guitar, a harmonica and a koto to play for spare time. I spend 3 evenings per week for art but everything is not my dreams for a freedom life that I’ve chased. As a result, I live with my duty day by day.

In fact, this is the life I used to want when I was 17: workaholic, success in career of civil engineering instead of my mother’s looking down. She’s gone for 2 years but I still keep everything as close as much when she was alive. This is maybe my mother’s dream of me which I have been familiar since my childhood. That’s why I thought I should choose a social necessity job instead my ability. I hate to be passive in everything, but tiger moms in my extended family always decide for their children, especially me. They suppose that I have a bad health and mental illness for searching a sustainability chair. They also give me advices but I know by myself as much as I can do best in each condition.
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