I’m sick. Today is my bad day!

Last weekend, I went to the theatre to watch contemporary dances. Then my mom asked me to buy tickets for the pop concert tonight. It has been one of the music festival shows for three days. My family is going out for the concert. Tomorrow is Sunday and it is being planned to watch a play in the Youth Theatre.

The problem I want to deal with is I feel really tired to go out for the performances every weekend. It is fine for me if each month or per two weeks going out to the theatre or cinema. I hate to go to somewhere crowded with many people. So my excuse today is I have a flu. Maybe I can be home and let my cousin take my tickets.

I still misunderstand why my mom can go out each week for watching performances, and why she cannot stand to have her holiday without travelling? I love art and performances, I like travelling, too. But I cannot go every week like her, and I also can stay at home all summer with a cheerful face. I worked at the garden all summer days, that was enough for me.


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